Blade mCX RTF (EFLH2200) - anmelderrost helikopter - TILBUD

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Virkelig fed mikro helikopter fra Horizon - klar til brug til alle! Alt er inkluderet - TILBUD / UDSALG

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Blade mCX RTF (EFLH2200)

Virkelig nem og lille helikopter, som er klar til alle udfordringer - selv for begynderen!
Alt er inkluderet i pakken, så det er blot at lade batteriet op og flyve - det er smart.

Helikopteren har gyro, som gør den meget stabil.


The Blade® mCX heli is an ultra micro-size version of the Blade CX/CX2 heli, offering first-time pilots the ability to learn how to fly with ease and experienced heli pilots the ability to fly anytime, anywhere indoors. The Blade mCX heli offers unsurpassed stability and incredible control through the coaxial, counter-rotating head design and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2® control. And, thanks to its rotor span of just 7.5 inches and one-ounce flying weight, the Blade mCX heli can be flown indoors almost anywhere—from an office to a small bedroom or living room.

The Blade mCX heli comes 100% factory-assembled, flight-tested and ready-to-fly right out of the box—no assembly or setup required. Included in the box is the Li-Po battery and convenient AA battery-powered DC Li-Po charger, 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology and 8 AA batteries (4 for the transmitter, 4 for the charger). The DSM2 technology offers freedom from frequency restrictions and allows the Blade mCX heli to be flown anywhere, anytime indoors with precise 4-channel control.

When it comes to ultra micro heli fun everyone can enjoy, you simply can’t beat the value and performance of the Blade mCX. It’s just another way E-flite is advancing electric flight.

Key Features

  • NOTE: Airfoil shaped flybar weights shown in our images are not included. Round flybar weights (as seen here) are installed on this heli
  • 100% factory-assembled, test-flown and ready-to-fly right from the box
  • Includes everything needed to fly—there's nothing extra to buy
  • Ultra micro size and weight perfect for indoor flying
  • Innovative airframe design and electronic components offer incredible durability and precise control for excellent manueverability
  • Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design for unsurpassed stability and ease of flight
  • 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2® technology, digital trims and dual rates
  • Factory-installed 5-in-1 control unit with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 compatible receiver, main motor ESCs, mixer, gyro and fully-proportional servos
  • This model is one of the many available for the Phoenix RC Flight Simulator


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Blade mCX RTF (EFLH2200) - anmelderrost helikopter - TILBUD

Blade mCX RTF (EFLH2200) - anmelderrost helikopter - TILBUD

Virkelig fed mikro helikopter fra Horizon - klar til brug til alle! Alt er inkluderet - TILBUD / UDSALG

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